Where can concrete engraving be done?
Nearly all horizontal concrete can be engraved, even interior concrete.
Can you engrave new concrete?
Absolutely! New or old concrete will work with our engraving process.
How about cracks?
We can repair and/or minimize almost all cracks.
How do you color the concrete?
We use two methods: Our first method is commercial grade acid (reactive) stains, and the second is a solid pigmented stain. Both these stains penetrate into the concrete surface and are extremely durable. We have used them on driveways and restaurants.
Will the color chip or fade?
The color will not chip. The surface will be as durable as untreated concrete. The colors may change a small amount due to long term exposure to the sun. In some cases the color looks better with age. We seal all surfaces, which will help prolong the color of the stain.
How thick is this process?
The engraving process adds no thickness to the existing concrete.
How deep are the engraved grout lines?
The engraved grout lines range in depth from 1/16 - 1/8 of an inch deep.
How long will the engraving last?
The engraved pattern is guarenteed to last the life of the concrete.
What maintenance is required?
The surface is low maintenance. We recommend resealing drives every two years and areas that only receive foot traffic every 3 to 4 years.
How long does the process take?
The engraving process from beginning to end takes on average 3-5 days.
We start at $4.00 per sq ft for a tile pattern up to three colors, brick runs $4.75 per sq ft, slate is $4.50 per sq ft, field stone is $5.00 per sq ft, cobblestone is $5.00 per sq ft, and fan cobblestone is $5.50 per sq ft. Job minimums are required. Discounts are given for volume.