The process in which the concrete surface is scored with various tools to create a pattern in the concrete. Engraving with staining can create beautiful, artistic, and functional concrete spaces.
The process in which reactive stains are used to change the surface color of the concrete. Staining combined with engraving can transform plain concrete into an aesthetically pleasing area that is also economical.
Sealing concrete will prolong the life of the first layer of concrete, the cream, and make the concrete very easy to clean. Concrete sealer can be applied in a clear or in a color.
Exterior concrete is cleaned with a 3700 p.s.i. pressure washer. Interior concrete is cleaned using a buffing machine. Some floors will require diamond grinding to remove some products.
Mechanically refines concrete floors using unique diamond tools. This method will create a functional, economical, and ecological low maintenance work of art, ideal for commercial, industrial and high traffic settings. Dyes are also available for use in conjunction with polishing to create a truly unique floor.
Durable two and three part coatings engineered to withstand heavy use. These coatings are ideal for areas needing chemical resistance. Garage floors coated in epoxy and broadcast with colored chips are aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance, and easy to clean.
Counter tops hand crafted with custom forms, colors, and finishes and are made of concrete. The look of your counter top in only limited to your imagination.
Removal of floor coverings and problem materials: Vinyl, tile, glue down carpet, glue, and thinset. Diamond grinding concrete floors for the application of a floor covering or coating. Grinding or stripping concrete coatings, including epoxies.
Mechanically refining natural stone and terrazzo with patented diamond tools to bring back the shine and luster.